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Patrizia & Amedei Toscana

Join us this Thursday, March 2nd, for an evening of tasting chocolates with @amedeitoscana and Gelato by Patrizia Pasqualetti.


Amedei Toscana, from Pontedera, is one of the world’s foremost bean-to-bar chocolate makers. Amedei’s journey begins in the tropics where their selected master growers cultivate an unsurpassed cocoa and it culminates in a small, painted-brick artisan workshop in the rolling hills of Tuscany, outside Pisa. Amedei is internationally known as a pioneer for environmentally conscious, fine chocolate making. The original winner of the prestigious Golden Bean Award at the Academy of Chocolate, Amedei is consistent in their output, reliably crafting some of the world’s best chocolate..

Gelato by Patrizia Pasqualetti, shares the art of authentic Italian gelato made with California ingredients. Originally from the Umbria region of Italy, Patrizia's artisanal creations are one of our favorites here at Eataly Silicon Valley. Using only clean, fresh and healthy ingredients, Patrizia showcases how gelato is a sensory experience full of passion, love, and generational expertise.


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